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Our luxurious presentation template is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs that are very tight on budget, or prefer a DIY approach to getting their deck done. We offer a pack that contains more than 100 beautiful slides which you can use to create your perfect deck on your own. No assistance provided. We do update this deck as we see fit and you will be eligible to all future updates.

  • Choose between Keynote and PowerPoint formats
  • Sample titles include: Our company, Our Projects, What we do, Mission, Our Team, Our CEO, Executive team, Team Members, Features, SWOT, Our pricing, Our process, Target Market, Marketing, Problem, Solution, Benefits, and many more.
  • Price: $64.99 + VAT
  • Enjoyed by more than 2000 students
  • More than 2 hours of content
  • Deep dive into the key slides of a pitch deck
  • Detailed review of fintech pitch decks that have been funded
  • Pitch deck vault with 100+ samples

Online course

Our fintech specific course hosted in Udemy teaches you the secrets to pitching successfully

Deck redesign:

Our design experts will completely redesign your deck so that it looks professional and investment grade. There will be no critical feedback, just strong design. Good designed decks speak loud about the quality of your startup. You end up having the source file so that you can keep creative control and easily make future tweaks.

  • Pricing: $399 + VAT for a 10 deck slide
  • $49.99 per slide for subsequent slides
Before After
  • Price: $250 + VAT per hour
  • Expert domain advice
  • Ability to do pitch rehearsals
  • Deep dive review of particular slides
  • Ability to consume as much as you need. Please contact us for an assessment on the amount of work required for your deck


This product is for people that have a good deck and good design, and want to get it to the next level. A conversation held either through the phone or video call with screen sharing (either via Skype or Xoom) to discuss your pitch deck and provide you with actionable feedback which will allow you to take your deck to the next level.  If there are any outstanding points, we will follow up with  or written feedback

Starter package

This package is for people that have their startup and deck in a good shape, and would like some medium sized support to help get the deck to its best place. It consists of two rounds of reviews of your deck, to help you understand how to improve it and further design of a 10 slide deck

  • 2 rounds of reviews
  • Email follow up
  • 10 slide deck
  • Professional design of slides
  • Additional slides at request
  • Pricing: $1250 + VAT per package
  • Price: $2500 + VAT per package
  • 2 hours of initial review
  • 4 extra hours spread in the way that is best fit
  • 15 slide deck
  • Professional design of slides

Full package

This package is for the ambitious entrepreneurs that understand that pitch decks are better done with expert support. We hold your hand by working together through six hours of a specialized review of your deck, to ensure that you create a package that your competition will envy. Design for 15 slides is included

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