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How do successful Angel Investors pick their deals

We all know the probability of a startup becoming a Unicorn or having an amazing exit is quite low. Well below 0.1% actually. When the startup manages to get seed money, the probability increases, but only to about 1%. This essentially means that there are not that many good companies to invest in, or that it’s really hard to select which ones to invest in.

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Digging into the future of proptech with Gleensite

Today we talk to Alejandro Garcia Manic, cofounder of, an up and coming proptech startup based in London

TPD: How did you meet your cofounder?

We met years ago while we were both doing our study exchange programs. I remember we would discuss about the different start-ups that were being developed and the latest tech innovations and how we would like to make a positive impact on society. We discussed many ideas at the time and we discarded many of them too.

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Starting your fintech with no money – extract from interview with Sam Graziano from Fundation

This is an extract from the Fintech Founders book, find out more about it here

Fundation is a credit solutions company that enables banks and other financial institutions to modernize the way they deliver credit to small businesses. Fundation also acts as an originator of small business credit through a network of partnerships. It has modernized the way small business credit is delivered in the market. Its technology helps top regional and community banks develop a great experience for their customers and employees who serve small business customers.

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How to Organise your fundraising process

Fundraising is a lengthy and tedious process for most startups. It requires a lot of admin and can take a long time. Investors will want to talk to founders before giving their hard-earned money. It can take from a few weeks, to 6 months. As you talk to a lot of investors, you will need to follow a process to be in touch with investors, as you may forget details that can become really important. Most founders do not know the fundamentals of raising and their implications, so I’ve decided to create an easy guide for you.

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